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The Rottiebear  

As we develop and grow, one of our goals has been to find the perfect name for our breed. We love Rottiebear, but feel if we are ever to be recognized, we need a stronger more unique name. We are getting close and feeling out a few as we speak! Hopefully we can announce soon! 

We will never forget where we came from, and look forward to where we are going! 

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Friendly, Adventurous, Quirky and Lovable!

   Is a Rottiebear right for you?

Do you want a small yet sturdy dog? ( not a delicate, nervous lapdog )
  • Do you want a dog that has expressive eyes and a loving attitude to go with them?
  • Do you want a sleek easy-care coat, with minimal maintenance?
  • A dog that is usually polite with everyone, including other pets *** Must socialize
  • A dog that loves to play games and chase balls?
  • An adventurous dog that loves to hike AND have movie marathons??
  • A dog that is faithful and loyal?

    Training and temperament

    The Rottiebear is intelligent, enthusiastic, affectionate and playful. This breed gets along well with other pets  and children. The Rottiebear has an excellent disposition and a high degree of intelligence,  which makes for easily trained puppies. 

    Consistency and positive reinforcement is needed when training your Rottiebear. Letting them know who is Boss from an early age will help with training and keeping their full attention on you at all times.

    Clicker training is a great way to get started with your new Rottiebear puppy!

    If allowed the Rottiebear will assert dominance in the house hold and may become very unruly and possessive of what he believes is his! Make sure he is never put on a pedestal and always shows respect to his human family and friends!

    Energy & Size

    Standing just over a foot tall, Rottiebears have great energy! They can go hard if you want to go for a hike, run or long walk, but they also calm nicely when you want to sit and relax, watch a movie or get some work done!
    They love to work and be a part of your daily activities, no matter what they are!

    Our general standards & public notes

    Rottiebear Puppies

    Dog Breed Group: Companion dog

    ** May also be good at agility and small pray hunting. We hope to have puppies in classes soon so we can report their progress.

    Height General: 13"-15" tall at the shoulder

    Weight General: 18 to 28 pounds

    Males General: 22-28 pounds

    Female General: 18-25 pounds

    Life Span: 13 to 15 years

    Rottiebear Adults

    Our Rottiebears General Description.

    Rottiebears are small, but they are sturdy and muscular. They have a sleek, shiny, coat with tan or mahogany markings in a pattern that resembles the great Rottweiler.

    The Rottiebears small size and lively, affectionate nature make him a great family pet and companion. I often refer to them as Jesters, they amuse people of all ages with their silly antics and unique and appealing expression.

    Although gentle and even-tempered, they can have a bad attitude if not properly socialized and while Rottiebears typically are quiet, gentle dogs, not prone to be yappy or aggressive behavior , if not trained and or are babied can become possessive over people and things.

    Some can be stubborn, so persistence and consistency are definite pluses in training. They are sensitive to your tone of voice, and punishment can make them shut down, and fear you, so training should be motivational with lots of praise.

    Crate-training is recommended while housetraining your Rottiebear. (A crate should always a happy and safe place for a puppy. It should never be used as a punishment)

    Like every dog, the Rottiebear needs early socialization — exposure too many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences when they are young. Socialization helps ensure that your puppy grows up to be a well-rounded Adult dog.

    The Rottiebear loves children and makes a good playmate for them. He's small enough that he won't knock them down but large enough that he's not easily injured. In general, he gets along well with other dogs and cats, especially if they are socialized with them at an early age. ***Again like any dog, if you don’t socialize your puppy children and other people and noises could spook or scare your dog. Remember these are dogs, they only have teeth to defend themselves with and if they are scared or startled they may bite, and are not afraid to do so!

    We love our Rottiebears and wouldn't trade them for anything!

    Did you know?

    That the Rottiebear is more than just two different breeds bred together to make a new breed?

    That the creation of the Rottiebear was started  over 20 years ago, but only got it's name after 10 years and an army of people began the work on this breed?

    That the Rottiebear comes in 4 different colors and only accepts one pattern? ( Some more rare than others!)

    That there is NO Rottweiler in our Rottiebears?

    Please make sure to carefully read our Q&A section before contacting us. This section will answer many questions you may have about our puppies, their parents, pricing, visiting regulations and much more. Also feel free to check our upcoming litters so you know who we plan on breeding!

    Check out our pack for more information and pictures of each of the dogs in our program.

    Boys in our program 

    Hunter Hephaestus Boss

    Chocolate carrier

    Being fostered by Hailey and Duncan 

    Bamm-Bamm Morpheus Boss

    Chocolate carrier

    Being fostered by Lisa 

    Joker's Wild

    Joker is off our lovely and first time mom, DeeDee and Carlee's  very handsome boy Ace. He also belongs and lives  with Jessica and will hopefully be one of her foundation boys for her up and coming program. 
    We will have access to Joker in the future if we should ever have the perfect girl for him. 

    Ronin Cronus Boss

    RETIRED 2017

    Brodie Apollo Boss

    RETIRED 2018

    Girls in our program

    DeeDee Selene Boss

    DeeDee + Jiro Summer 2018
    F1 - Breeding 

    Frankie Gaia Boss

    1st litter due 2018
    and off to beautiful BC 

    Astrid Hera Boss

    Puppies have arrived!!! Last litter for Astrid then she will be retired. 

    Venture Aphrodite Boss

    Early 2019 breeding! Wall Street to Venture.!! Wall Street is son to Alibi, the male we bred Venture to last time. 
    We feel Wally will give us the best chance for tan points and since he is as gorgeous as his daddy Alibi, we believe we will see some amazing puppies as we did with our 2017 Zoom litter.  

    Up and comings!
    These girls have been bred, and delivered here with us! 
    Once we have had the chance to watch them grow and do all the necessary health and DNA testing, we will at that time make our final decision on whether or not they will continue on in our program to help further our lines. 
    Watch them grow on our Facebook page Canadian Rottiebears

    Being fostered, and loving life with Tammie and family.

    SDF's Zoom's Princess Boss 


    Cindy is off our F1 Zoom litter. Her Dam is our beautiful blue and tan point girl Venture. Sire is from an outside stud, very handsome, cream boy Alibi. ( French Bulldog) 

    Our aim was for a black and tan, although we did not get one, we were not disappointed in this pairing at all! These two made absolutely beautiful pups, who are eager to please, love to learn, explore and play. 

    We look forward to watching them grow, and can't wait to see what Cindy will bring to our program! 

    Litter updates are on my Facebook page Canadian Rottiebears for anyone interested in seeing them all. ( 4 pups,  2 girls 2 boys were born to this pair) 

    Cindy carries tan point, blue and *chocolate so if she passes her testing and grows the way we hope, we could see a rainbow of colors off this girl! 

    * French Bulldog, not testable chocolate gene, not the testable chocolate we currently see in our lines.

    For more information on any of our breeding dogs please go to "Our Rottiebears" page for more details.